Activities of the Centre:

  • Working on development of student’s capabilities, knowledge and practical skills relevant for employment;
  • Providing information for students on various opportunities: additional education, scholarships in the country and abroad, vacancies
  • Connecting students and employers through internship programmes and trainings in the leading companies and organizations in the country;
  • Organizing presentations of the companies, and of their business ethics and policy
  • Providing counseling services for students with dilemmas about their career choice or positioning on the labour market upon graduation;
  • Other activities of student counseling regarding career development such as organizing seminars and workshops on job search techniques, writing good CVs and cover letters, preparation for job interview, etc ;
  • Coordinating work of the existing Career Centres at faculty level;
  • Following-up strategic goals in the area of employment in cooperation with the Centre for Strategic Management and Planning
  • Cooperating with other University Centres.